Catchphrase Classic Customer Reviews:


Keeps Crashing

Every couple of minutes it crashes on my Moto X 2nd gen running marshmallow

Doesn't work!

I pick a category and then however hard I try all I get is a blank screen!

It testis you mind to the max

Its amazing

I think it is a good game because it gives you hints if you don't know the answer but when the time's nearly up you start to get worried because you don't know if your going to do it in time which is scary but you replay it so the games not that bad in my opinion I think it's ok

Dose work

Waste of time

Keeps kicking me off

Good for passing time

Only thing is the timer for me goes too quickly. I get the answer but lose coins for the time it takes me to find the words. However it's only for fun and you can certainly get that out of this app!

Fun game

You could spend hours playing it but too many adverts



Good games but fix a couple of the glitches and get rid of the adds and I'll give it 5 stars.



Fun and challenging!just like me


I like the game it entertains me alot

As Roy Walker would say....

It's good, but not quite right!

Keeps crashing!

Good game but keeps crashing!!



Catch this game

Samsung note 3

Lags too much like the super catchphrase addition that was the best bit


Great game


I think this game is amazing and I love it

The game keeps crashing and kicks you out.

But it is fun!

So addictive

I love it it is so addictive and I can not stop playing it is gust soooooo fun

Catchphrase lover

I think this game is very entertaining and educational because it gets the mind working I rate this app 5 stars and I hope it stays like that ☺

Not bad game

Renown loading

Just saw has ads on the thing lol dont we all know free equals ads

App keeps crashing

Slow lags and crashing. Ads are furiating

This is a boring game it doesn't even reveal the answer

Try 2016


Very good game and very close to the tv show



I'm 11and I got a them all right



Love it



Very good game

Really fun

It is great fun to play with family.

Love it



App keeps crashing